Growing a practice is tough. We make it a whole lot easier, more predictable, less stressful, rewarding and fun with the most professional, authentic and effective Retention Based Practice™ model for building a business you can be proud of.


Growing a practice is tough. We make it a whole lot easier, more predictable, less stressful, rewarding and fun with the most professional, authentic and effective Retention Based Practice™ model for building a business you can be proud of.

Dear Chiropractor,

We get it.

Building a Chiropractic Practice (you can be proud of) is tough.

Really tough.

And, unfortunately, it's about to get a lot tougher.

You're already worried about where the next new patient is coming from.

Finding and keeping an A++ team.

And plugging the holes your "best" patients are draining from.

To make matters worse...

The powers that be are imposing unwanted control on your business.

People in your community have less money than ever to spend on their health and their already mediocre desire to invest themselves is plummeting.

You're not even sure what to do next.

You feel "drawn and quartered".

Pulled in every direction.

Should I run ads?

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube?

But how much do I spend?

How do I even set up the tech, the creative?

OK, I'll hire an associate.

Open more hours.

Add a second location.

Nope, that's going to be a lot of work and for what?

All the uncertainty is stressing you to the max and it's spilling into every other area of your life.

Family, fun, relationships, travel.

Freedom is waning and it's sure not being replaced with anything worthwhile.

I know what to do!

A new website.

No, Dinner with the Doc!

Hmm, better yet...

Hire someone to run my social media.

Yeah, that's it.

That'll solve all my problems.

Ugh.  Someone, please help.

Here's the deal...

Most Chiropractors have a serious case of "shiny object syndrome" mixed with...


Don't feel bad, it's hardly just Chiropractors. 

This describes nearly every business owner at some point in their career.

A little of this, a bit of that, and a full 180, only days after "finally figuring it all out."

Are you screaming yet?

Hair falling out?

You can stop.

You're here, on this page, reading this because in some way, your practice isn't everything you dreamed it would be.

And it's not for the shortage of effort.

Or the lack of sacrifices you've made to in order to build a practice you can be proud of.

Hey maybe, you're crushing it.

But you want more freedom, more simplicity, more time with your loved ones, more security, more ease, more fun or, maybe all of the above.

Whatever the heck you want...

I just want to say, you can have it.

You can enjoy the feeling of joy, peace, and excitement that you crave everyday you go to the office.

A practice that:

Is consistently and predictably getting more pre-qualified people (yes, the exact opposite of the $27 Facebook special) filing your new patient times.

Has a marketing budget (no matter how big or small your practice), and plan that lets you sleep at night knowing you're doing everything right and in a way that will make you and your office stand out as the best, most professional practice in town.

Has systems that will allow you to express yourself and keep your integrity in check, all while being honest about what your patients need and how you can best serve them.

Is built on forming solid, authentic, win-win agreements that make patients happy to have you as their family chiropractor and tell others about their extraordinary experience.

Allows you to show up every day to a schedule that's bursting with eager and enjoyable patients regardless of what's going on with the world around you.

And you won't have to give up everything else you love to make it a reality.

You'll be leading the way, with certainty and the sense of peace that comes along with Building The Practice You Can Be Proud Of.

And it all starts by choosing a path below.



Can you depend on your business?

Not only to put food on your table, but to fuel your entire Dream Life™!

A business is not equivalent to your practice, and that's not just semantics.

Your practice is what you work in during your hours.

A business is a more robust enterprise that you can work in when and if you want.

You can also be taking a vacation, coaching your kids, or soaking up a get away with your partner while your business is helping people and profiting in the background.

There's much to learn about creating a business that's Built To Last.

Most of all, the fundamental starting place that's OK for your business to fund your life and serve your ambitions.

If you can accept that, we can teach you the rest.


There's plenty of so called "chiropractic management coaches" and "gurus" roaming the wild west that is chiropractic today.

The majority are recycling outdated scripts, cheesy sales tactics and value draining marketing techniques with a single intent...

To see more patient visits.

All all costs.

Irregardless of retention, reputation and profit.

With simplistic ease, in short duration, while floating in the stress free blue ocean.

Chiro-Math, however, is a lie.

300, 500, 1000 visits.

There's often far more pain, frustration and loss than meets the eye.

Let's be clear, we're not everyone's cup of tea.

Our promise is simple.

To help you bring your passion to the market with an authentic product (chiropractic) at the core and an exceptional business as the vehicle that allows you to fuel and live your Dream Life™.

Chiropractors want to see more patient visits and earn more money without first doing the extensive work first.

You must make the investment first, and growth follows, not the other way around.

Legendary motivational speaker Earl Nightingale said it best...

"In order for you to have a fire, you need to grab an ax, chop some wood and light a match. In other words, if you want fire, you must do the work to have the fire."

We can show you the most time tested, efficient, sustainable and rewarding ways to build your business...

But we unequivocally, without question, cannot and will not do the work for you.